Dolphin Journey

Dolphin Journey

Serena is lost. She has been separated from her nursery by a violent storm. The young dolphin joins up with some new friends in hopes to soon return to her home waters. However, a dangerous encounter with a fishing net called the Tangler sends Serena and her three friends swimming desperately out to sea. With no adults to help them, the four young dolphins set out on a great journey to understand the nature of humans, and develop an Epic song so no dolphins will fall victim to Tanglers again. Through many dangers and adventures, Serena leads her friends across the vast, open blue of the Pacific, fighting sharks, rogue dolphins, and starvation. Traveling around Australia, north towards Japan, and east to Hawaii, Serena encounters many different types of humans, both good and bad. Escaping death many times, the dolphins’ friendship and loyalty to each other are put to the test. As the dolphins come closer to home Serena believes the dangers are behind them. She does not realize that her greatest peril is yet before her. Dive beneath the waves and join the Dolphin Journey to live the adventure through the dolphins’ eyes.

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