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Erin Pyne- Rowan Tree Creative LLC

I am a Creative Consultant and Entertainment Writer who has worked professionally in the industry for nearly ten years. My specialties include Global Capital Projects Development, Attractions High Concept Narrative, Show and Ride Scripting, Presentations, Science Writing, Escape Game Design, Video Game Story Writing, Song Lyricist, and Copy Editing. I am the author of five books (click the Books pages to check them out).

Clients include:

Sea World Parks and Entertainment, Universal Studios Creative, Herschend Entertainment, Ripley’s Entertainment, ITEC Entertainment, Falcon’s Treehouse, HOTOPP, BRPH, Quantum, AO&A, GoConvergence, HHCP Architects, Creative Development LLC, and Port Authority Jamaica. See my Portfolio for all the details.


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Erin Pyne 


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