Curiouser and Curiouser Series

A Curiouser and Curiouser Series by Erin Pyne, Illustrated by Cayce Moyer

Book One: Pool of Tears

‘This dream makes no sense,’ Alice thought. ‘But when in a dream I rarely think that I am in one. How strange that I would wonder about the dream while still in it.’ Alice emerges from the Pool of Tears in Wonderland. Time-cursed Hatter leads Alice in her search for a way home and both realize they may be more than just friends as they become caught between the vain Queen of Hearts and the masked Red Queen in a mad race for the White Rabbit, each for their own ends. Fighting mechanical chess pieces and eluding a deck of armed Suits, Alice and Hatter search for the Cheshire Cat, whose answers may only create more questions.

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“Wonderland is reimagined in Erin Pyne’s phantasmagorical spin on a timeless tale, accompanied by chimerical art by Cayce Moyer.” ~Paula Morrow, Editor and Reviewer ”

A marvelously twisty, romantic take on one of our most beloved fantasy landscapes. Erin Pyne may be after the Queen of Heart’s crown!” ~ Melissa Anelli, Bestselling Author of Harry, A History.

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